Woh kaun thi


He met HER first on a rainy night, in a deserted place when he was comming back attending a medical call. He offered HER a lift, she accepted on condition that he would not ask her whereabouts. He found HER destination, a grave-yard. He met HER again on a rainy night when he went to attend another medical call from a person unknown. This time he saw HER as a dead patient in a dilapidated house. He came out of the bungalow confused, when he met a patrolling police squad. The chief of the squad, knowning his object of visit to a dilapidated house revealed that nobody lived in that house. Dozens of doctors had been called in the past this way through a haunted call and they all found an imaginary dead-woman. Now he is even more confused. He wanted to marry his beloved, an air-hostess, but before the marriage took place she was killed. The mother, after much effort and persuasion made him agree to marry and he married HER. He found HER this time as his wife. He can't live with his wife, spends more of his time in work. Mother sends the daughter-in-law home but on her way SHE died in rail accident. He comes to Shimla to turn over a new leaf but finds HER again. He loses his mental balance, he lies in the hospital almost on the verge of insanity but SHE will not spare him she comes, haunts and calls him again. Who was SHE? A spirit? The long lost beloved in the form of a craving soul or something else? The friends call it hypnotism. Mother calls HER a spirit. The authorities smell a mystery.......... Who was she?