What diabolical scheme trapped eight terrified people upon a lonely island, without hope of escape or relief? What sinister force had worked to bring these eight together as comrades in desperation! Who was the killer choosing a victim each night.. cutting down eight men and women to seven, to six, five, four, three and to the last Two? Even when facing mortal danger, young lovers of our story took courage in each other's arms, and were determined to discover the secret of the big mansion and of the lonely island This is a story that goes further than gripping you with chilling suspense. Under the impact of a drama that is born and re-born eight times over, it bares the innermost minds and the hidden secrets of people facing death. You will look upon the emotional turmoil, the pretty quarrels, the lust, the little idiosyncrasies, and the passion of romance under circumstances never before brought to the motion picture screen. We have revealed nothing as the written word can never match the might of the silver screen in unfolding a story of such unsurpassed power. Above all else "GUMNAAM" gathers momentum in the very first reel, and will keep you reeling with thrilling suspense for one hundred and fifty exciting minutes. GUMNAAM is the ultimate in screen suspense, a memory of excellence that cine goers will cherish for years to come.