In all free democratic countries, there are men who risk their lives to rescue their fellow men languishing under tyranny for no other reason than their irreplaceable love of freedom, justice and humanity, Such an Indian was Jai who has made it his life's mission to rescue men and women unlawfully detained by the tyrannical enemy. His elusive rescue mission dumbfounded the enemy which became aware of his presence but just could not spot him or stop him. The chief of the intelligence department of the enemy sent a special agent to India, when he came to know of his nationality to trap him. The agent whose cover name was Suzie spotted Jai in Delhi and kept track of him. In the beginning Jai was not aware of Suzie's true identity, but soon he found the truth and was on his guard. He came to know that Meena, a reputed Indian dancer and her mother were whisked away by the enemy to their country and the enemy radio announced their names as defectors. Meena's father, who was a social worker did not believe it and he was happy when Jai undertook the task of rescuing Meena from captivity. While asking his friend Amir to put on Jai's mask so that Suzie would feel that Jai is in India, Jai disguised as the enemy country's businessman went to the city where Meena and her mother stayed. While the mother was put in a prison, Meena was black-mailed and forced to give dance shows in a local theatre. Jai established a contact with Meena and handed over the family relic given to him by her father. But his movement aroused suspicions and his papers were searched. The battle of wits and guts began. The manner in which Jai and his friend Amir who landed in the enemy territory out-wit the enemy forces by small maneuvers and bravery provides for the most thrilling climax in this modern epic of espionage, courage and cunning.