Dharam always spoke the truth and nothing but the truth. But truth always got him in trouble. It was his truthful evidence that sentenced a killer to death. And for this "crime" he had to leave the village and part from not only his aunt but his beloved sister Bela. In search of a job, Dharam came to the city. He got a job in a chemist's shop. The shop was fake and Dharam was genuine; so truth again got him into trouble. He was badly beaten and narrowly escaped death. The follower of Mahatma Gandhi's ideals thus found it difficult to live honestly. The huge buildings, the big crowd and the loud din so unnerved Dharama that he left that city and went back to the village. But in the village, his uncle closed the door against him. His enemies had burned his house in which his aunt had died; and there was no trace of his sister. Dharam had no place to take shelter; he had no one to help him. He was only keen to find his sister and so in her search he returned to the city. One night while in serach of his sister, he found that in a nearby house preparations of marriage were in full swing. They were all waithing for the bridegroom had got down from the car on the way and is coming on the foot. For the first time Dharam thought that for a chang why shouldn't he speak a lie and pretend to be mission bridegrrom. While he was debating the issue in his mind, some one came and garlanded him and in a moment Dharma was transformed into "Munna Sarkar". But who was the real "Munna Sarka"? He led a very strange life; he always thought of the result in the wrong way and started crying. He used to say "our whole country begs for fod, so also Gandhiji and Vinoba Bhave have begged. What does it matter if I beg too". Dharam got everything - wholesome food, car, servants, bungalow; but he had no peace of mind. He wants to reveal the truth to Thakur Prithvi Singh; but his daughter was not ready to leave Dharam as she was not ready to marry the mad chap chosen by her father or the crook chosen by her mother. She sought refuge in Dharam who worried about his own sister. One day Bela, his sister finds him but Thakur was in between. Barkha however arranged the meeting between Bela and Dharam; and as luck would have it they met real "Munna Sarkar". Dharam got his sister and in Barkha; he got his beloved. But he did not have peace of mind. He wanted to confess everything to Thakur, but before he could reach Thakur, Arjun Singh, the crook arrived on the occasion to exploit the situation and defame Dharam. The manner in which Dharam foils Arjun Singh's game and exposes him provides the thrilling climax.