Chor Machaye Shor


"Man proposes and GOD disposes" - runs an old adage. Vijay, was a happy go lucky Engineer in love with Rekha, the charming daughter of Seth Jagdish Prasad. But, before he could marry her, he found himself trapped in a rape caseby Jamnadas, a crook friend of Jagdish Prasad and was sentenced to prison. In prison, he vowed to take revenge on Rekha, who he thought was responsible for his jail term. He became friendly with a hardened criminal and his associates. Together, the four prisoners escape. One day, Vijay goes straight to Rekha to find out she is innocent. While running away from police, by accident, they land in a village, which was expecting workers sent by Seth Jamnadas. Posing to be social workers, they change the face of the village with their selfless devotion and work. In the process, Vijay and Rekha succeed in reforming Raj and his two colleagues as well. Vijay ensures Seth Jamnadas lost the election. Enraged, Seth Jamnadas seeks the help of the dacoits to crush Vijay and his colleagues. He threatens to burn the village if the villagers help Vikay and his men. But this plan goes astray. In the ensuring struggle, the police intervene and catch the dacoits, Seth Jamnadas as well as Vijay and his men, with an assurance to Rekha and the villagers that Vijay and his men will soon back and join Rekha to start a new life.