Set a thief to catch a thief is an old adage. KALICHARAN, a life-server in Delhi central jail, is brought out by Inspector General of Police, Khanna, and installed as Deputy Superintendent of Police Prabhakar in Bombay. The reason for this ruse is that KALICHARAN, a stormy and totally unmanageable convict, closely resembles late DSP Prabhakar, who has been liquidated just as he is about to nab the country's most notorious grain hoarder and r4acketeer, Deen Dayal, the LION, as he is nicknamed. Khanna hopes if the lion does not know that Prabhakar is dead ther is every chance of bringing him to justice. KALICHARAN is set up as DSP Prabhakar and in the bargain gets for himself a lovely girl, Sapna, as his sweetheart, and late Prabhakar's two motherless kids as his own. They think that he is their real father. KALICHARAN picks up the trail where Prabhakar has left it, and through it help and his own native cunning and daring, finally corners the LION in his own den. But when he discloses the identity of the LION as the Seth Deen Dayal, Khanna's very close friend, the Police Chief laughs and ridicules the very idea. To prove his discovery and get the inside story and evidence against Deen Dayal, KALICHARAN himself joins his gang. In this daring move he has the caking of Sapna, who by now also knows Kalicharan's real identity. At this stage of our story, sereral intriguing questions arise... Will KALICHARAN come out successfully in I.G.'s mission to blast the gang? What about KALICHARAN's own vengeance for which he was sentenced to life imprisonment? Will Sapna realize his life's dream? You will find all the answers in KALICHARAN a motion picture that is different, distinct and punch-packed from start to finish.