Phir Wahi Raat


When Asha was just a child, her mother was strangulated to death by Asha's lunatic Aunty. The Death was so horrible and gruesome that Asha never forgot that incident. Even being young and frown up, she ofter had nightmares of that horrible night. During her stay at convent, she often used to scream in her dreadful dreams. As a rusult, the other girls, the other inmates of the convent complained that they were getting sick day by day and becoming scared too. The superior, who was sympathetic to Asha, adviced her to go to a Psychiatric Physician for proper treatment. This Doctor Vijay, a young man, is know to Asha and they are already in love with each other. He knows Asha's case history and cheers her up advising her not to brood over dead matter, Aunty is long dead now. And one night Asha stealthily leaves the convent realizing she is going to be frightening nuisance to the other inmates. Knowing everything, Vijay takes Asha and her room-mate friend Shobha back to her old home, where the acutal tragedy happened, setting both the girls, Vijay returns. Now Asha starts seeing the uncanny, weired face of the strange woman. She often appears before Asha in the night and moves mysteriously. She is frightened to death and falls sick, Vijay comes again and explains it's nothing but hallucination; but she will not listen and mentions the presence of an uncany character around her. Meantime Asha's cousin Ashok who was settled abroad, returns home. Ashok and Vijay try their level best to cheer up Asha. A few specialists are called and all form the opinion that Asha is having hallucination only. To erase the eerie the atmosphere and to make her look as the healthy things, Ashok throws a party on Asha's birthday. During the party, when Asha is about to cut the cake with the knife in hand, she suddenly finds a very strange woman, who used to haunt her, coming towards her with groping hands. She gets on Asha's nerves and Asha straightway stabs her with the knife in hand. The woman succumbs to her injuries. The woman is reported to have come from abroad just this day, but Asha declares she is the woman who used to scare her in the night. How it's possible? Boththe police and Vijay are puzzled. If she has come form abroad just today, how could she appear in person before Asha often in her house? The mystery thicknes. Asha is sent to police Hospital and Vijay and the police start probing. See now how the mystery is unfolded.