Thakur Vikram Singh was prosperous man, but in spite of all his wealth from his tea estates and factories, the Thakur was a dejected and sad man. His son Ajay, alias Munna Babu, in spite of his age remained a child. His action resembled that of ten year old child. All that he loved were two people Jamuna, the local Munshi's nice and Raju, an orphan. Thakur Singh decided to get Munna Babu married soon so that his wife could take care of him and take charge of the vast inheritance too; but Munna was bent on marrying Jamuna and thwarted Thakur's attempt with the help of Jatashankar, the cook. Whilst the drama was on at one end, there was intrigue of another kind at the other. Manager Arjun Singh cleverly hoodwinked Thakur and smuggled drugs in his tea containers. One day Thakur caught Arjun Singh and his henchmen red-handed with illegal narcotics and he rushed to inform the police, little realizing that the evil men had removed the brakes of his jeep. The jeep crashed and Thakur was brought home in an unconscious and badly bruised state. On regaining consciousness, he revealed to Munna the secret of his twin brother who stayed in the city with his mother. Arjun Singh snuffs the life out of Thakur with a pillow. After Thakur's death, Munna Babu wishes to leave for the city and meet his brother. This makes Arjun nervous and fearing that he may be exposed, takes the help of Jatashankar, in return recruits to actors to pretend and imposter Munna’s family. Then Arjun Singh set his devious plans. Little did poor Munna realize that he was writing out his own death warrant. GHAZAB provides thrilling answers.