Mr. Pravesh Sippy

The Legacy Continues

Pravesh Sippy's creative genius and an integrated knowledge of the multi-dimensional film industry is a reflection of his father’s instincts. He has carved a niche for himself when it comes to film making, as his instincts of film making may be hereditary but his ideals and ideologies are his own. Being a part of a traditional film family, the involvement in family business was but natural, yet he chose to educate himself in this direction to keep abreast with the latest developments in this dynamic industry. This helped in collaboration of the theoretical knowledge with the practical aspects of film making. He felt that soon the global media would play a big part in deciding the taste of the movie audience, hence he chose to experience the international market to get a grip of this aspect. He studied in the San Francisco Art Institute and returned to India. Here, he did not immediately involve himself in the business of film making but instead worked with one of the top editor teams of the Hindi film industry namely Waman Guru. This has helped hone his skills to a level where he can  predetermine and gauge the final product  to be delivered by his directors - a skill acquired over the years.