Meri Jung


Deepak Verma, a pianist is prosecuted by an ambitious and ruthless lawyer named Mr. G. D. Thakral. Deepak's wife Aarti begs Thakral for mercy, but in vain. She and her young children, Arun and his sister Komal watch helplessly as their innocent father is put to gallows. The mother withdraws into her grief and drifts away from home, leaving the orphans alone to flight against poverty and injustice. They struggle through the grim realities of life and grow up. In spite of his bitter struggles Arun becomes a strong and ideal lawyer, the youngest lawyer in the same court where Thakral is still heading the show with his ruthless ambitions. Young Arun remembering his father's sad end, confronts Thakral inside and outside the court. Arun happens to meet and fall in love with a beautiful girl Geeta. Through her, he meets her doctor brother-in-law, who knows that Arun's mother, Aarti is still alive and is in a mental asylum. She is lying in a state of coma and seems to be still fighting the case for her husband Deepak Verma and hoping for his survival. Arun is shocked and pained by the plight in which he finds his mother. His anger bursts out in more confrontations with Thakral. Then, to add salt to his wounds, Arun discovers one day that his sister Komal is in love with the son of Thakral - Vicky, who intends nothing but to ruin Komal. But fate takes a hand in the game...... and Vicky is trapped in a murder case. So, today it is Vicky, the son of Thakral, facing a charge of murder in Court. Arun Verma is the Prosecutor Thakral is the Defense Council And the final confrontation between these two adversaries begins. It is Thakral's turn to beg for mercy for the survival of his only son - He begs - but from whom? The most stunning and emotional human drama written by Javed and Directed by Subhash Ghai in his own inimitable and dynamic narrative style with heart - warming music. "MERI JUNG" the most Exciting Dramatic Episode. "MERI JUNG" the best Musical - ever presented. "MERI JUNG" the strongest Emotions ever experienced.