Aag Se Khelenge


Police inspector Shekhar Kapoor's (Jeetendra) crusade against crime has one main target - Zaka (Amrish Puri), the uncrowned king of crime. Zaka and his son Shaka (Shakti Kapoor) wield terror in their underworld kingdom. The pivot in Shekhar's life is his only sister Sunita (Archana Joglekar). She is in love with Shekhar's fellow-police officer Rakesh Sharma (Raj Kiran). Sunita and Rakesh get married with the blessings of Shekhar. Shekhar in his pursuit of criminals gets his hands on Ronnie D'Souza (Sharat Saxena). Shekhar poses as a narcotic buyer and reaches the clandestine location to clinch the deal. A struggle ensures and Shekhar chases one of the gangsters Johnny (Anil Kapoor). Johnny is caught after a hot chase. As Shekhar is about to pull the trigger, Johnny flashes his police identity card. To his amazement, Shekhar discovers that Johnny is really an Inspector - Ravi Saxena .Shekhar suggests that they work together under his supervision, to which Johnny agrees. Ronnie D'Souza still in custody refuses to give any information. Shekhar and Johnny plan a ruse to get Ronnie to spill the beans. Ronnie is brought to court and it is publicity announced that Ronnie has confessed and provided valuable information to the court. Ronnie is released and Johnny tails to get to the kingpins who are expected to get after Ronnie's life. Escaping a murder attempt, Ronnie hides in a theatre hall showing a dance performance by Miss Geeta (Meenakshi Sheshadri). During the show Ronnie is killed by a mysterious lady in white. Shekhar arrives and rebukes Johnny for his negligence. Geeta questions Johnny, "What is all this Raja?" Shekhar is shocked "Raja?" "Johnny?" "Ravi Saxena?" Who is this man? An enquiry with delhi Police reveals that Inspector Ravi Saxena died six years ago. Shekhar is confused about this mystery man's identity and his connection with performer Geeta. Is he Ravi Saxena, that 'dead' police Inspector? Is the Raja? "AAG SE KHELENGE" will answer these intriguing questions. It will tell you more about the gorgeous dancer Geeta, Shekhar's voluptuous and sexy 'con-woman' girlfriend Barkha (Kimi Katkar) and Pinki (Baby Guddu), the mystery man's sweet little niece.