Aaj Ka GoondaRaaj


Raja, a king just by name, was actually an educated unemployed young man. Righteous, honest and tough - a dare-devil only for the wronged. No work, hence, all he had all day were his four friends and a lot of time to kill. This normally upset his caring family members - Grandmother, elder brothers Amar and Ravi. Even though they loved him tremendously, the day to day problems were too much to handle. Lack of money, jobs and the pending IAS examination of Ravi were only some of the problems. To raise money for Ravi's examination, Raja and his friends in desperation took up a job. A job that entailed getting rid of a tenant who had illegally settled in a house. Raja had an easy time getting ride of Shalu. But, from then on, Shalu created hell for him - Shalu moved into Raja's house and life permanently! Tejpal and Nagpal were power brokers, very influential, very intimidating. With the help of corrupt police officer, Saxena, they wreaked havoc with their misdemeanors. They offered Raja a job - a job of a goonda - a hoodlum! He refused their tempting offer of the criminal world and swore to eliminate them if they clashed with him. The bad elements needed Raja - they succeeded in the getting Ritu married to Ravi, now an IAS officer, on the threshold of becoming a Collector. A perfect move thought the villains - Saxena's sister married to Raja's brother. Raja revolted but, was concerned. They clashed many times, Raja's friends were murdered. Raja's elder brother Amar was murdered. All was lost until Raja and Ravi discovered the truth about Tejpal and Nagpal. The Truth - About today's GOONDA RAAJ.