The Real McCOY


A TRUE STORY ABOUT THE MOST FAMOUS FINNISH GYPSY ROCK AND ROLL LEGEND. ANDY McCOY - AGED 36, born in Lapland - brown eyes, black cowboy hat, carries decorative jewelry, straggly jet black hair wrapped with a bright banana, thick kohl eye liner, tight ripped jeans on skinny legs and a flamboyant shirt unbuttoned against his tanned chest, a blue tattoo with a red flower on his right arm. Andy is a romantic rock n roll icon. Andy is the founder and lead guitarist of the most successful Finnish cult punk band Hanoi Rock and ex-solo guitarist for Iggy Pop. With his band Hanoi Rocks, Andy toured in Japan, India, Thailand and Hong Kong. Later on the band toured to Europe and Northern America and Israel. The second Japanese tour created a true mayhem. The drummer Razzle's death in a car crash in L.A. cut their first major U.S. tour short. The bank played a memorial concert in Helsinki in January 1985. Andy's instinctive language is music. His gift as a songwriter and guitarist is indisputable, original, pure and passionate. Andy conjures a range of styles with great beauty of perfection : from hardcore punk-rock to nostalgic flamenco. Andy's mother tongue is Swedish, his second language is English and his third language Finnish. His life has been a patch work of success and disaster, triumph and failure. Andy tells that his Romany inheritance lend him an independence and integrity. A sense of belonging to a gypsy clan makes the world his home and nomadic traveling - time and space - forms his normal rhythm of life. Artistic self-expression of his vocabulary and spiritual mysticism is his religion. Andy always carries a decorative set of Tarot cards with him. He is a mystic and a shaman in his beliefs. He tells of having inherited from his grandmother a sixth sense - a gift to read the future in the flames of fire. In the middle of the filming Andy fell down from the third floor balcony and broke both of his legs. He was forced to stay hospitalized for a month, after which he had to travel 17 weeks in a wheel chair. During his recovery time Andy wrote and composed six new pieces of music for this film. THIS STORY IS PARTLY TOLD through Andy's 3 alter egos, which project many sides of his personality, reflecting the conflicting forces inside him, and the relationship with is wife Angela Nicoletti. The alter egos are a visualization of his personal stories about the gypsy background and his family saga, as he likes to put it. The alter egos appear throughout the film, haunting and befriending Andy's present life, subliminally crossing the boundaries between his conscious and unconscious selves. "Super McFly", Andy's dark side, trickster, transports him to worlds he can only travel in dreams. McFly is the total escape from reality. A more positive real ego is "Gandhi McCoy". who used to be previously a Fly. Gandhi works as Andy's faithful Indian servant and mentor. After the accident, Andy's Russian-Gypsy great grandfather, Alexander Hulkov, comes to Andy's hospital bed and gives Andy the final mission to get the keys to open the gates to heaven. The film explores the two opposite faces of Andy McCoy: the force of creation that fuels his talent and force of destruction that shadows his life.